Koodathai murders: Net spreads, CB quizzes Jolly’s husband

Koodathai murders: Net spreads, CB quizzes Jolly’s husband


The sensational Koodathai murder case where the second husband of main accused Jolly, who killed six in a family in the now, is learnt to have admitted to helping her do away with his first wife Sili and two-year-old daughter. The matter got murkier with a local CPM leader who had financial deal with Jolly being expelled from the party. The Crime Branch is learnt to be spreading net.

According to sources, Jolly's second husband Shaju, who was interrogated by the crime branch and let off later, proposes to turn approver. This, experts say, is unlikely as he has a role in murdering his wife and daughter. Later, he denied having made any admission to the probe team today.

However, sources said Shaju was accompanied by Sili when he went to a dental clinic. While he was having a checkup, Jolly is said to have given Sili water mixed with cyanide.

Shaju was said to be close to Jolly and the duo decided to do away with Sili and the child as they were expected to stand in the way in a married life in future. Jolly also wanted to murder his son which he was against.

Earlier, Shaju had said he was not aware of anything, but retracted on Monday that he was aware of some of the murders and made no disclosures as he was 'scared' that she would kill him too.

Shaju's father Zachariah was also quizzed by the Crime Branch. The quizzing of Kattangal CPM local committee secretary K Manoj as he had financial dealings with Jolly forced the party to expel him.

Jolly is the main accused for killing six family members in 14 years at Koodathai near Thamarasseri in Kozhikode.

The first in the family to die was  retired teacher Annamma Thomas (57) in 2002 and this was seen as natural death. In 2008, her husband Tom Thomas (66) died of 'heart failure'.

In 2011, their son Roy Thomas (40), the husband of accused Jolly, died in similar conditions and the autopsy report pointed to poisoning and was written off as a case of suicide.

In 2014, Annamma’s brother Mathew Manjadiyil died in nearly the same circumstances.

Two years later Sili, the daughter of Mathew, and her daughter Alpine were killed.

Renji Thomas, sister of deceased Roy Thomas, said Shaju was in love with Jolly before the death of his first wife Sily.

She claimed she had suspicions about the deaths after Jolly and Shaju got married. During Sily's funeral,she said there was 'a mysterious joy' on Jolly's face. She immediately told her brother Rojo (who is in the US and filed a complaint over property dispute which led to the unfurling of the murders) that Shaju was expected to marry Jolly.

Jolly prepared a fake will of her father-in-law and usurped the property. During deliberations to resolve the property dispute Jolly insisted that the complaint of suspicion about the deaths should be withdrawn as a pre-condition for compromise.

The probe team is looking into the financial deals of Jolly's friend and jewellery employee MS Mathew, who has been arrested. Another accused goldsmith Prajukumar, who supplied the cyanide, is also in police custody.