Metropolitans, Priests court arrest at Piravom church

Metropolitans, Priests court arrest at Piravom church

Agency News

Kochi, Sep 26: Believers belonging to Jacobite faction including metropolitans and priests courted arrest in order to ease the tension prevailed at Piravom St Mary's Church on Thursday.

Following today's High Court direction to evacuate the Jacobites camping inside the church, police had forcefully entered the church, after breaking open the locked gate, arrested and removed the agitating believers.

As the situation worsened, Ernakulam District Collector S Suhas held discussions with the priests and metropolitans who later agreed to court arrest to avoid any untoward incident. Later, the Collector took control of the church.

The High Court directed the State Government to submit a report at 1.45pm this afternoon, after evacuating the Jacobites who opposed the implementation of the Supreme Court verdict to allow the Orthodox priests to perform religious services at the church. The court also directed to provide protection to Orthodox faction to perform religious services. UNI