71.43 percent polling in Pala

71.43 percent polling in Pala

Agency News

Kottayam, Sep 23 : As per the final figure 71.43 percent of voters exercised their franchise at Pala Assembly Constituency where polling concluded at 6 pm on Monday.

Out of 179107 voters 127939 people took part in the polling, of which 65203 were males and 62736 females. Percentage wise 74.32 percent of males and 68.65 percent of females exercised their franchise.

In 2016 election in Pala Assembly Constituency the polling was 77.25 per cent while it was 72.68 per cent in the Lok Sabha Election. Polling at 8 am was 8.71 per cent, 9 am 15.57 per cent, 10 am 22.95 per cent, 11 am 30.93 per cent and 12 in the noon 39.12 per cent.

In the afternoon at one pm 46.03 per cent, 2 pm- 51.76 per cent, 3 pm- 57.61 per cent, 4 pm - 63.40 and at 5 pm- 68.62 per cent. Altogether 376 physically challenged persons took part in the polling.

All the ballot boxes were kept at the Carmel Public School, Pala. The counting of votes will be held on September 27.(UNI)