Maradu flat builders wash hands; CM to hold all-party meet on Tuesday

Maradu flat builders wash hands; CM to hold all-party meet on Tuesday


The last date given by the Maradu municipality for eviction to the 400 odd flat owners ending today and the September 20 date for demolition nearing, the State Government has convened an all-party meeting on Tuesday to find a solution that looks remote.

Incidentally, the builders responsible for the situation have washed their hands of the controversy stating their role ended with the sale of the flats. They told the municipality on Sunday the flats had been sold to the owners as per law and they were no longer responsible. In a letter to the municipal secretary on receipt of the eviction notice, they said the flats were constructed and sold following rules. It was the flat owners paying the taxes and they were to be held responsible.

An all-party meeting had been the demand of the Opposition. However, there seems to be little scope for a solution at this last hour since the Supreme Court has been firm in its stand and even said that the Chief Secretary would be liable to contempt of court if the order was not executed.

Surprisingly, none of the political parties nor the flat owners argued for action against the builders who influenced the municipal officials to get necessary permits. In fact, law experts say the State Government should present the matter in court. How effective a last minute attempt would be remains to be seen.

The flat owners are expected to move the High Court against the municipality on Monday. But with the matter already pending in the apex court, any action appears remote.

The owners are pinning hopes on the curative petition they propose to file in the Supreme Court requesting that they too be heard.