Shigella suspected to be cause of girl’s death in Kozhikode

Shigella suspected to be cause of girl’s death in Kozhikode


The death of a young girl in Kozhikode district on Sunday is suspected to be a case of Shigella.

Two of the relatives of the girl Sunush (14), a Grade IX student of Perambra in the district, have been admitted to Kozhikode Medical College, and suspected to have signs of the illness. Shigella is a family of bacteria that causes shigellosis, an intestinal disease which commonly affects young children.

According to hospital sources, the post mortem report is awaited to confirm the real cause of death. The girl had dysentery and vomiting. She had been admitted to Perambra taluk hospital a week ago. When her condition worsened, she was brought to the medical college hospital where she died.

The condition of the two relatives, her sister and grandfather, now under observation was said to be satisfactory. Earlier, a two-year-old child died in Kozhikode and another in Thiruvananthapuram of suspected Shigella virus. This forced health authorities to issue a Shigella dysentery alert.

The bacteria spread through contaminated food, water or even through contact with those infected people. The affected would develop abdominal pain, cramps or bloating a week after they are infected.