Prez, VP greet people on Onam

Prez, VP greet people on Onam

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 11: President Ram Nath Kovind on Wednesday wished people, particularly 'brothers and sisters from Kerala' in India and abroad on Onam festival.
"Greetings and good wishes to fellow citizens, particularly to our brothers and sisters from Kerala in India and abroad, on Onam. May this harvest festival bring immense joy and prosperity to each one of us,' Mr Kovind added.

Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu also wished the people and in a Twitter missive said, 'Onam is celebrated to honor the memory of King Mahabali, the legendary ruler of Kerala, whose benevolent and idyllic reign is believed to have brought peace and prosperity to the kingdom.'

Mr Naidu said the colourful festival of flowers is an occasion for family and friends to get together and indulge in traditional games, music and dancing and partake in a grand feast, the ‘Onasadya’.

'Onam is a celebration of material prosperity as well as values of honesty, integrity, kindness, sacrifice and contentment. It represents the surrendering of human ego and the attainment of inner-peace,' he added.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi also extended her warm greetings on the festival and said, 'giving, sharing and celebrating together are the essence of Onam that bind all communities and faiths together and strengthen the secular and plural fabric of India.' (UNI)