IUML leadership needs to introspect

IUML leadership needs to introspect

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Kozhikode, Sep 8: The recent "uprising" of the party's youth wing has shaken up the senior leadership of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), a party which since for long has been known for its `yes sir’ obedience within.

Perhaps a first time ever in recent history of the party, a resolution urging leadership change has created shock waves in its rock-solid supremacy of veteran leaders. The uprising by the recently held state council meeting of the Muslim Youth League was primarily against the national level leaders of its parent organization IUML, comprising the two Lok Sabha MPs – PK Kunhalikutty and ET Muhammed Basheer and the lone member representing League in the Rajya Sabha PV Abdul Wahab, for their under-performance or non-committal attitude in the Parliament in critical and sensitive issues like the Triple Talaq, the Kashmir issue, Assam National Register (NRC) episode and the like.

The Youth wing had unanimously resolved to demand a change in the leadership of its umbrella organisation along with a reshuffling with 50 per cent reservation for the youth and women in its leadership. Coming out heavily on the under performance of the league leadership, the council maintained that they would no more tolerate the “compromise politics” being practiced by its leadership, PK Kunhalikutty, in particular. Except the veteran ET Muhammed Basheer, the other two leaders had already been facing the brunt of their non-performance in Parliament which attracted the criticism earlier resulting in facing a show cause notice from its supremo Panakad Hyderali Shihab Thangal recently.

It was the absence of PK Kunhalikutty in the Lok Sabha while the discussion on the triple talaq had been going on in Parliament that attracted the show cause. However, it was settled, name-sake, with a caution to “be more attentive” in such circumstances.

But the League MP in the Rajya Sabha, PV Abdul Wahab has been severely criticised by the party national vice president Panakkad Sayed Mueen Ali Shihab Thangal, who is also the son of the party president.

He had criticised the MP for having skipped his turn while a debate on the triple talaq proceedings were undergoing in the Rajya Sabha. Conveying the message subtly, the young blood in the party having a pedigree tag, Mueen Ali had suggested that such leaders can step aside for others.

The repercussions of the Youth wing’s resolution demanding change in the leadership had been visible in a meeting of the party leadership held later. The young leaders, KM Shaji and KS Hamza have been reported to have had been supporting the condemnation by the youth wing and voiced their dissent against its senior leader PK Kunhalikutty and PV Abdul Wahab.

Though Mr Kunhalikutty denied any revolt against him or other leaders within the party, as reported in the media, the indications are strong that the youth leaders in the party are not willing to take anything and everything by its senior leadership without a pinch of salt.

The Youth wing president PK Firoz and national vice president Sayed Mueen Ali are in the forefront among the youth leaders who aspire for a better tomorrow for the League with more dedication and commitment to the party and its objectives. The demand for a generational change with an enhanced representation of the youth and women in the leadership as well as legislative bodies are pointers to the revolutionary changes the youth wing are eyeing for tomorrow. (UNI)