SI’s retort to CPM leader over student violence at CUSAT goes viral

SI’s retort to CPM leader over student violence at CUSAT goes viral


A Sub Inspector at Kalamassery in Ernakulam district minced no words in a tit-for-tat to a local CPM leader, already known for his rude ways. The audio clip of the dialogue over phone has gone viral, pushing the party in the defensive.

Kalamassery Sub-Inspector Amruth Rangan had to tell  Kalamassery area CPM secretary Zakir Husain VA, who was taken back into the party recently after suspension in a case of kidnapping of a local businessman some time ago, that he would not work on orders from the politician.

It all started with the allegation that police behaved rudely with an SFI district president during a violent clash between two student groups at the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) after an election victory rally on Wednesday. Police had to remove some of the SFI activists to a separate place on the campus.

Zakir Husain is heard asking the SI why he took the SFI activists to a separate place in the van and did he not know that it was a leader he abused.

The SI was courteous and said it was to avoid clashes and also requested Zakir Husain not to be carried away by what the activists said. But Zakir blurted out telling him that he should have behaved more decently to the student leader. “Though this is the first time I am talking to you,  I have got complaints about you. It would be nice for you to know about the politics of Kalamassery and how things work here. And then behave accordingly,” he said.

Amruth shoots back, “I have given none any assurance to remain in this post here.  I'm not one who will simply stand and not react when students are attacked." This made Zakir lose his cool to warn the SI that he was not the first person to be posted there.

The SI quipped: "There is a difference, my  dear friend. Even if I have to die, I won’t allow students to be simply beaten up. That is why I have worn this police uniform. You can do whatever you want.” “Even your superiors talk to us decently. ” Zakir is heard retorting.

The audio clip received big attention and social media was abuzz with praise for his 'treatment' of politicians. However, the CPM had taken offence to the SI leaking out the clip. As a counter, social media also has posts of some of the complaints filed by the public against the police officer.