Jacobite Syrian Church to move SC

Jacobite Syrian Church to move SC

Agency News

After long months of feud with Malankara Church, now the Jacobite Syrian Church has now decided to move the Supreme Court with the “original manuscript of the 1934 Constitution of the Malankara Orthodox Church,” which it claimed to have obtained recently.

While speaking to the Media, Mathews Mor Anthimos Metropolitan alleged that the Orthodox group had unauthorisedly introduced a series of amendments to the original document. The Jacobite faction also said they were willing to submit the documents for any forensic analysis to prove its veracity. The Orthodox faction should come forward and submit the original document in their possession, he added.

The Orthodox faction had the other day moved the Supreme Court (SC) with a contempt plea against the government, accusing it of not willing to implement the apex order regarding ownership over a few churches.

The Orthodox Church was attempting to prevent the implementation of the Supreme Court order, fearing that the veracity of the documents, which they were relying upon in court cases, would be exposed, said Kuriakose Mor Theophilus Metropolitan.