Would not interfere in Thushar Vellappally case: Yusuffali

Would not interfere in Thushar Vellappally case: Yusuffali

Agency News

In a statement, businessman and the chairman and managing director of LuLu Group International Yusuffali said that he would not interfere in Thushar Vellappally case. “My only connection with this case is just paying the bail amount which ensured the release of Thushar from jail,” added Yusuffali. Few days ago Yusuffali paid a Dh1 million of bail amounts to secure the release of Thushar Vellappally, who was arrested in UAE related to a bounce cheque case. After the release, Thushar appreciated the help by Yusuffali, saying “The main person behind my release is Yusuffali chettan (brother)”.

But Yusuffali’s action has drawn flak from his community as Thushar Vellapally was arrested in a case filed by one Nasil Abdullah who is a businessman in UAE. There is a widespread belief that the Nasil Abdullah deserves justice in the cheque bounce case. “The case is before the Ajman court. The legal system of UAE is functioning with regard to the justice. Law will take its own course,” said Yusuffali.