Gokulam Gopalan’s son arrested in Oman

Gokulam Gopalan’s son arrested in Oman

Agency News

Close on the heels of the arrest of BDJS leader Tushar Vellapally in UAE, a well-known businessman and son of Gokulam Gopalan, Baiju Gopalan, has been arrested in Gulf. Yet another businessman from Kerala, Baiju Gopalan, has been jailed.

Similar to Tushar Vellappally, who was arrested in a bounced cheque case, Baiju Gopalan was also arrested in a cheque case in Oman. He was later handed over to Dubai police as the alleged cheque case happened in Dubai.

According to sources, the case was filed by a Tamil Nadu native in connection with an amount of 2 crore UAE dirham( Rs. 39 Cr). Baiju is currently lodged in Al-Ain jail. Sources said that his passport has been seized by Al-Ain public prosecutor. UAE has issued a travel ban on Baiju following the case.

Baiju was arrested in Muscat, the capital of Oman while he was trying to check into a flight to India from Oman.