Sr Lucy locked up in convent; police rush to her rescue

Sr Lucy locked up in convent; police rush to her rescue


The Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC) continues its vindictive actions against Sr Lucy Kalapura, the nun who joined the public protest demanding arrest of Franco Mulakkal, the former bishop of Jalandhar, accused of raping a nun. Close on the heels of the convent asking her aged mother two days ago to come and take Sr Lucy back home as she had been expelled from the congregation, the nun found the convent gate locked on Monday morning.

Sr Lucy told Pennews that she found herself locked in the convent in Mananthavady in Wayanad district. She had to seek the help of the police who rushed to the place and brought her out. She was forced to miss the Morning Prayer service. Sr Lucy, who had to rush to school where she works, said she doubts that the locking her up was aimed at ensuring that she would not be able to attend the Morning Prayer service at the church. She expected more such torture and would face all that as she had done no wrong.

The congregation had sent a letter to her mother, now 84, asking her to take her daughter back home immediately. She had been expelled from the congregation on grounds of following a lifestyle that was not on the lines of the congregation. She failed to follow the three vows of obedience, chastity and poverty. She was asked to leave the convent immediately.

She was accused of publishing a book of poems, buying a car, a low-end Alto with her money earned as a teacher, and taking part in activities that degraded the reputation of the Church.

But Sr Lucy has written to the Vatican detailing the events that led to the congregation taking wrongful action against her. She said she expected the Vatican to act on her letter and so had no reason to leave the convent.

The action against her for standing against a rape accused Bishop has sent shock waves among a large section of the faithful who have said that they would lend all support to fight the ouster.