Adoor says he is ready to go to moon, if someone gives a ticket

Adoor says he is ready to go to moon, if someone gives a ticket

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Thiruvananthapuram, Jul 25: One of the most notable filmmakers in the country, Adoor Gopalakrishan, on Thursday said he will go to moon if anyone gives a ticket.The eminent film director said this while reacting to Kerala BJP spokesperson B Gopalakrishan's comment that if Adoor is unable to bear the chanting of Jai Shri Ram in India, he can go to moon.Adoor said "if someone gives me a ticket to go to moon, I will be happy to move around the orbit. It will be a good opportunity to be a part of Chandrayaan-3, if so".The BJP leader criticised Adoor for signing a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which 49 celebrities have signed expressing regret that 'Jai Shree Ram' has become a war cry today.

In the letter, they said "Ram is sacred for the majority community. Lynching must be stopped against Muslims, Dalits and other minorities in the name of Ram."
"I had not criticised Jai Shri Ram chanting. But, now a days, it has turned as a war cry. The unreasonable attacks on minorities should not happen in a democratic system," he added. "If the Government fails to act against such people committing crime, it will lead to riots and anarchy. Then, nobody can't control it," he said."The people involved in mob attacks think that they will not be punished. In such cases, the mob must be sentenced to death," he added. "I have not told anything against the Government. Those airing their views should not be considered as enemies," he added.

He also criticised the BJP leader for his remarks that he was criticising the Government for not getting anything (awards) from the Centre."As a director I have received almost all the major awards. Now, they have to send me my favourite eatables in parcels. The things what happened in the past should not be allowed to repeat," Adoor said. Reacting to the ire of people against his remarks, he said "Many people from Hindi channels called me and nobody threatened me so far. The reactions show that many have gone mad. It is not my responsibility to react against somebody saying any blunder."

Reacting to the BJP leader's remarks in his Facebook post, Adoor said "the BJP wants me to go to moon instead of Pakistan. Pakistan must be filled by now." In his Facebook post, BJP leader B Gopalakrishnan said people in India voted BJP to power to facilitate Jai Shri Ram chanting. "We will chant Jai Shri Ram in front of the house if need be," he threatened. UNI