Campus violence: Seized seal unveils mystery of admission paths of anti-socials

Campus violence: Seized seal unveils mystery of admission paths of anti-socials


The seal of the physical education director seized from the house of SFI leader Sivaranjith, the main accused in the stabbing of another student in University College in Thiruvananthapuram three days ago, can unveil the admission racket. It seals the fate of meritorious students and helps in making several with criminal background find their way to become students and vitiate the campus atmosphere.

The stabbing of a student Akhil in the college by a group of SFI leaders for singing loudly has landed the CPM and its student arm in deep trouble.

According to experts, Government institutions, prized ones like the University College, Ernakulam Maharaja's College or Victoria College Palakkad, to name a few, have pure merit as benchmark for admissions.

However, goons make it to the college through the sports quota of 15 per cent admission. Generally, science streams and economics and English literature have big rush. There are other language courses and history ones which do not have a big rush. It is admissions to these courses that the goons eye, explains former Kerala and Cochin university syndicate member and vice-chairman of the Save University College Campaign Committee RS Sasikumar The non-official panel headed by Justice (retd) PK Shamsudeen had recently held public hearings after a girl student of University College attempted suicide a few months ago.

In her note she had said that the torture and harassment and the unconducive atmosphere created by the SFI had forced her to consider taking the extreme step. She survived and decided to get a transfer to another college.

This committee has held hearings in Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode and Ernakulam and will hold another in the State capital soon before submitting report and submit a report to the Governor and the Chief Minister. It could be a guideline for maintaining discipline in colleges.

Often vacant seats in different subjects are identified by teachers and give CPM leaders a clue before reporting them to the principal and other authorities.

Since there were reports that the sports quota was being misused, there is the rule that the sports talent of the student should be certified by the physical director and a report of the rank should be given to the principal and later held the university.

Investigations revealed that such elements who are close to party circles get admission with the connivance of teachers in different departments and the ranking of excellence in sports and games, including baseball which is generally never played on campuses here, is justified by a certificate 'issued' by the physical education director with his seal and signature.

Such criminals and anti-social elements get admitted, turn into SFI leaders, engage in violence with party blessings and after copying (that explains the seizure of unwritten answer sheets seized from Sivaranjith's house) and passing examinations, land themselves in jobs (Sivaranjith and another accused are on the rank list of those selected to be civil police officers in the Kerala Armed Police). They then lead unions and hold the reins of administration.

"It is a vicious circle and there has to be social intervention to break it," said Sasikumar.