Fresh autopsy ordered in Peerumedu custodial death case

Fresh autopsy ordered in Peerumedu custodial death case


A fresh autopsy will be conducted on the body of Rajkumar who died on June 21 allegedly after torture in custody at Peerumedu. There have been allegations that the autopsy was flawed to save a section of policemen responsible for the custodial death.

The Judicial Commission headed by Justice (retd) K Narayana Kurup decided on Sunday to conduct a fresh autopsy on the body of Rajkumar and passed necessary orders.

The initial autopsy report is said to be inaccurate. Internal organs were not sent for expert examination. This resulted in failure to assess the proper nature of the wounds as also the time they were inflicted. The cause of death was said to be pneumonia though it said there were several wounds on the body caused by torture.

All these could be clear only if there was a fresh autopsy.

Rajkumar was taken into custody on June 12 on grounds of financial fraud and died in hospital on June 21. He is believed to have been in police net much before that and was even brought to the Idukki magistrate in s very poor condition. Since he was unable to move, the magistrate went out to see him in the police van. Without Rajkumar being sent to hospital, the magistrate ordered his remand which also earned the wrath of Kerala High Court.

The commission directed police to beef up security at the place where Rajkumar's body was buried.

Justice Kurup visited Nedumkandam police station and collected details. It was only primary investigation, he added.

The commission would look into delay in registering the arrest as also providing medical assistance, whether Rajkumar was manhandled before being handed over to the police and also whether there were other lapses.