Kodiyeri is aware of developments earlier, alleges Lawyer

Kodiyeri is aware of developments earlier, alleges Lawyer

Agency News

CPIM politburo member and Kerala secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan's claim that he came to know about the rape and sexual assault case of his son only after reports about came to be known in public last week

This appears false as a lawyer who mediated in the matter said he had spoken to Balakrishnan who requested that the matter be checked in detail and facts be ascertained as it appeared to be a case of blackmail. This was around two months before the complaint was filed in mid-June.

The lawyer, who held the compromise talks after the complainant filed a rape case against Binoy, said Binoy's mother Vinodhini had come to Mumbai sometime in mid-April. The woman had demanded Rs 5 crore for the living expenses of her child. However, Vinodini felt it was a false case and suspected blackmail and was not for giving money when somebody just asked for it. She believed what her son said and the talks failed.

A few days later, Binoy came to Mumbai for compromise talks. He denied the fatherhood of the child and also refused to give money. He felt that demand for money would not come to an end with this one payment. As the talks failed again, the advocate informed Kodiyeri Balakrishnan about what transpired at the meeting.

Kodiyeri had claimed at a press conference two days ago that he knew nothing about the charge against his son till the complaint was filed sometime in mid-June. The information by the advocate runs contradictory to what Kodiyeri claimed.

Separately, more documents were submitted to the police which included her child's birth certificate which had Binoy's name as father.