Spurned cop meticulously planned murder of policewoman

Spurned cop meticulously planned murder of policewoman


The gruesome killing of the policewoman by another cop after knocking down her two-wheeler, hacking her and setting her ablaze appeared to be planned well in advance and also meticulously.

Ajaz, a traffic policeman in Ernakulam, arrived at the site near Vallikkunnam in Mavelikkara as he was sure the civil police officer Soumya would be returning on her two-wheeler after appearing for the PSC test for university assistant on Saturday.

According to police, he had arranged a car from Ernakulam and had a knife, a very sharp machete and two cans full of petrol.

Dejected at Soumya's, the mother of three with husband working abroad, spurning his advances, Ajaz plotted his crime. When she arrived on her two-wheeler, Ajaz rammed the scooter with his car and Soumya fell off the vehicle. As he advanced, holding the machete, Soumya is said to have identified him and tried to escape to a house nearby. But by then, Ajaz got hold of her and hacked her. He then went back to the car, brought the petrol, doused her and set her afire. Soumya died instantaneously.

Ajaz, who suffered injury during the scuffle and also burns, is yet to be questioned as his condition had not improved, police add.

The two had come to know each other around five years ago when Soumya underwent training at the police camp in Thrissur when she joined the force.

They were said to be close and at one stage he lent her Rs 1.25 lakh which she tried to return to him. When he refused to accept it, she deposited the amount in his bank account which he immediately transferred to her account.

Soumya's mother Indira told police that Ajaz had been forcing her to marry him.  She had accompanied her daughter to Ernakulam to personally return the money. Ajaz refused to accept it and instead asked her to marry him.

He used to regularly call her over phone and harass her. Finally, Soumya is said to have blocked his number after which he began to call from other numbers.

Soumya's eldest son Rishikesh (12) confirmed this and told police that his mother had told him to inform the police in case of some mishap. "My mother had instructed me to inform police if something happens to her," Rishikesh said in his statement to police. He also added that a policeman used to disturb her regularly. The son's statement gave clear hints that she feared an attack.

Ajaz was a trainer in Soumya's batch and their friendship broke suddenly, leading to the gruesome murder.

Police say a clear picture will emerge after Ajaz, now in hospital, is questioned. This would be only after his condition improved, they added.