Review of award for cartoon on Franco Mulakkal

Review of award for cartoon on Franco Mulakkal


Controversies are nothing novel to Kerala. This time it is about the Kerala Lalit Kala Akademi award-winning cartoon that had left a section of the Catholic priests displeased. Kerala's Culture Minister AK Balan has asked the Akademi to revisit the award and make 'amends'.

The cartoon is about former bishop of Jalandhar Franco Mulakkal, accused of repeatedly raping a nun. The delay in arresting Jim had created a furore on the state, forcing even a group of June to come out in the open and join a public protest.

The cartoon showed Franco carrying a holy stick with undergarments on it. The Kerala Catholic Bishop Council (KCBC) took objections to it and was critical of the State Government and the Akademi for granting award to the cartoon that, they insisted, 'insulted priesthood'. It also argued that the government had 'undermined priesthood in a vulgar manner'. It felt the LDF Government could be taking revenge on the Christian community after the front's dismal performance in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

As if accepting this, Balan said it was not the policy of the Government and the LDF to hurt sentiments of religious communities and has sought details from the Akademi and even suggested review of the award.