Wrong diagnosis: Woman undergoes chemo; to move against lab, hospital

Wrong diagnosis: Woman undergoes chemo; to move against lab, hospital


A flaw in diagnosis made a woman undergo treatment for cancer when she was not ill. A week after her first chemotherapy, the result of the another test done over a fortnight ago was negative. Even the Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvananthapuram confirmed on May 31 that it was a false case.

Rajani of Kudassanad in Alappuzha district told Pennews that she had decided to move against the private laboratory which tested her as cancer positive and also the team of doctors at Alappuzha Medical College Hospital where she underwent chemotherapy which saw her lose her hair and also darkened her complexion. She has been fortified by the Human Rights Commission on Monday deciding suo motu to take up a case. It has sought the hospital report on the matter in three weeks. The hospital authorities said the fault was with the private lab which erred in the test result. However, the private lab was not available for comment.

Rajani's concern is also her fate had she decided to go for the second chemotherapy for which she had gone to RCC. Fortunately for her, doctors there asked her to undertake the basic tests which again proved negative. The result was got just two days ago. RCC doctors also collected the reports from the private lab.

Health Minister KK Shylaja said the matter would be probed in detail based on which action would be taken. Also, the proposed formal cancer treatment protocol would be in place very soon.

Rajani said the Minister was kind enough and assured her that the Government would do all in case she needed treatment because of the error.Rajani said the team of doctors who treated her initiated treatment even before cancer was reconfirmed.

Rajani has to earn to take care of her eight-year-old daughter and elderly parents. She said she had lost her hair and also her complexion had turned dark after the chemotherapy. She says that she has been struggling to make both ends meet as she has not been able to go for any work for the last few months. She is also the lone wage earner in the house.

Trouble started after she found a lump in her breast and sought treatment at the Kottayam Medical College on February 28. Samples were collected from her body and were sent to the pathology lab at the medical college, besides a private one in Kottayam.

The result from the private lab was positive based on which doctors at Alappuzha Medical College began treatment for cancer. She had a first round of chemotherapy on March 13 after which the result of the test done at the medical college came on March 28. It showed negative result.

She says such faulty tests and negligence and lackadaisical attitude of doctors should come to an end through her legal action. It was also to ensure that there would be a greater caution and no other person should have the ordeal she has had to undergo.