CPM report admits to loss of devotees’ votes

CPM report admits to loss of devotees’ votes


The CPM report to be deliberated at the ongoing state committee admits that the party lost votes of a section of devotees during the just-concluded Lok Sabha elections. Not only was it trounced even in its strongholds, but also had to be satisfied with just one seat, losing 19 to the Opposition Congress-led UDF.

Interestingly, without mentioning Sabarimala, the report submitted to the state committee says devotees, who supported the party earlier, were misled and this resulted in their voting in favour of the UDF.

This assessment comes despite both Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and party state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan asserting that Sabarimala had nothing to do with the defeat.

Pinarayi, who immediately after the results were announced justified his haughtiness and arrogance and said there was no reason for changing his style, asserted later that there was no reason for changing the party stance on Sabarimala. The Supreme Court on September 28 ruled that young women could pray at the shrine and the Pinarayi Government decided to implement it even if police force had to be used.

On the issue of votes of minority communities, the report says a major part of this was lost as people voted for the Congress as they were against a second term for Modi.The two-day meeting is expected to have heated discussions as several leaders have come out against the way the government handled the Sabarimala issue which helped in isolating a section of devotees who have been traditional CPM voters.

Moreover, there has been general disapproval of Pinarayi's style which too cost the party heavily. This explains why Congress leaders admitted publicly that Pinarayi should not change his style as more people would be drawn away from the party and would support the UDF.