Mother-daughter suicide: Police find notebook revealing tales of torture

Mother-daughter suicide: Police find notebook revealing tales of torture


The mother-daughter duo suicide initially suspected to be the result of bank move to attach property and later confirmed as result of torture and black magic has seen the latter stand get concretised further.

Police have found a notebook of Lekha (42) who took the extreme step along with her daughter Vaishnavi (19) of setting themselves ablaze near Neyyattinkara early this week. Her husband, mother-in-law, uncle and aunt are in custody. The notebook, according to police, was used as a diary where Lekha detailed her sufferings under her in-laws. It is a revelation on the agonies and physical and mental stress she had to undergo under her in-laws.

Till police found the two-page suicide note and the scribbling on the wall accusing her husband Chandran, mother-in-law just before the moth-in ended their lives, the notebook has come as crucial evidence against her husband, her mother-in-law Krishnamma and two relatives, it was believed that the bank notice for takeover of property on grounds of failing to repay the housing loan was cause for such action. This had turned public ire against bank and there was lot of vandalism on bank branches in the vicinity.

However, things took a turn for the worse as far as the husband, his mother-in-law and her sister and husband were concerned when police found the suicide note. It revealed tales of torture and black magic performed by the four. The latest evidence of the notebook recounts that Lekha, six months after her marriage with Chandran 21 years ago, made a suicide attempt.

Her husband had left for Dubai and her mother-in-law began torturing her. After discharge from hospital, she went to live with her parents till Chandran came on leave from Dubai. Her daughter Vaishnavi was born after that. There is mention in the book that Krishnamma and her sister used to spread rumours about her.

She notes that she used to ask her husband to repay the loan, sell the property and shift to a smaller house. But Krishnamma used to object to all that. Even the last property recover notice that they received was kept in the puja room and some rites were performed claiming that this would bring a solution.

Finally, Lekha realised that nothing would be done to repay the loan and such black magic and torture would remain and she would have to continue borrowing money for sustenance, she and her daughter were forced to take the extreme step. Police said the notebook, supposedly written two months ago, would also be crucial evidence against Lekha's husband and relatives.