Twist to mother-daughter death over bank notice; torture by husband and kin, says suicide note

Twist to mother-daughter death over bank notice; torture by husband and kin, says suicide note


The death of mother-daughter duo at Neyyattinkara in Thiruvananthapuram on Tuesday, suspected to be over a bank initiating property attachment, took a twist hinting at foul play and black magic behind the tragedy. Lekha (40) and daughter Vaishnavi (19) had set themselves ablaze.

A suicide note, coupled with a scribbling on the wall, led to police taking into custody Lekha's husband Chandran, his mother Krishnamma, her sister Santha and her husband Kasinathan.

The suicide note and the two lines scribbled on the wall made the forensic department see foul play. The two evidences clearly stated that domestic issues, including torture by her husband and his relatives drove them to the extreme step.

The note said Lekha’s mother-in-law used to assault her in the name of dowry. Also, Chandran who believed in black magic did nothing to clear the bank loan even after they received the property attachment notice.

It was 15 years ago that they had taken a loan of Rs 5 lakh from the Neyyattinkara Canara bank for constructing their house. An amount of Rs 8 lakh had been paid so far. until now. They had received the seizure notice if the remaining Rs 4,80,000 was not paid.

The note makes clear that the Chandran and his relatives were involved in black magic and expected a solution to their financial woes. Forensic also found lottery tickets kept for puja.Earlier, it was suspected that Lekha and her daughter committed suicide on learning that their house would be confiscated.

This had led to massive protests from Tuesday. On Wednesday, KSU and Youth Congress activists staged a protest at the Canara Bank regional office and vandalised branches, leading to closure of four branches. On knowing about the twist, the protestors left the venue.