Thrissur Pooram: Sample fireworks held without much bang

Thrissur Pooram: Sample fireworks held without much bang


Thrissur (Kerala), May 12: Heralding Thrissur Pooram, a sample firework show held evening at Thekkinkad ground on Saturday, evoking less less sound but expressing more colours.

Pooram buffs said that it was more colourful but tellingly low on decibels. The sample fireworks has been held taking into consideration of all court directions. This time barium nitrate which could create different colors in firework displays but gives out toxic fumes was fully banned by Petroleum And Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) and the organization had stringently asked the two devaswoms Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi to stick on the dimensions of 'gundu' and 'kuzhimini' as instructed.

Three colours, red, white and yellow, were prominent in the sample fireworks. But colours like green, violet and blue were not seen as the lack of usage of barium nitrate. The sound and smoke was also less compared to previous years.

After the detailed inspection by PESO, the fireworks began at 7.45pm, which was 45 minutes late than the scheduled time of 7 p.m. For Paramekkavu, which conducted the display later, there was similar delay, he noted.

The District Monitoring committee led by Collector TV Anupama had erected three smoke detecting machines at different places on the firework display site, the smoke was also very less and there was no paper debris seen in the air in and around the maidanam after the display as in the previous years. The ban on barium has really helped in reducing the smoke. At the same time, 'ball' amittu were used in plenty during the sample fireworks.