Foul play suspected in Kerala police postal ballot

Foul play suspected in Kerala police postal ballot

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Kozhikode, May 12 : Even as allegations and official confirmations of a plethora of bogus voting being witnessed in Kerala, the malpractice in postal ballots of election officials and police personnel has opened the pandora's box with newer and larger conspiracies being reported everyday, exposing an unprecedented amount of election-related offences in this part of the country.

The police have registered about a dozen cases of bogus voting in Kannur and Kasaragod Lok Sabha constituencies, involving CPI(M) workers and IUML supporters, including women. Cases has been registered under section 171 of the Representation of People Act, 1951, and sub sections C, D and F of the Act attracting imprisonment upto two year and penalty.

There has been instances of non-facilitation or denial of postal ballots to very many officials who were on election-related duties in various parts of the State, indicating the failure of the election machinery, which ought to have had avoided such occurrences. But, a more and deeper conspiracy with larger ramifications hold good in the case of malpractices being reported in the postal ballots of police personnel.
The involvement of police associations and the volume of violations In the conspiracy has forced the authorities investigate the issue deep and wide.

The latest in the series has been reported from Bekal in Kasaragod where about 33 police officials were denied postal voting facility, reason they did not belong to the left-wing association. However, it is a matter of concern, thanks to the affiliation of the associations with the ruling party, how deep and wide the findings would reach out.
Only time will tell how much far and deep would the Investigators would dare to go and book the culprits and facilitators of the irregularities. (UNI)