Revathi blasts Sreenivasan for comments supporting Dileep

Revathi blasts Sreenivasan for comments supporting Dileep


The recent comment of actor Sreenivasan that Dileep has been falsely implicated in the actor abduction and assault case has come in for sharp criticism from several quarters.

Actor Revathi, spearheading Women in Cinema Collective (WCC), was among the first to react saying Sreenivasan had to be more responsible in his comments. Social media has been abuzz with criticism against Sreenivasan for saying the abduction case was fabricated and he did not believe Dileep would get involved in such a case giving accused Pulsar Suni quotation of Rs 1.5 crore.  There was the charge that Sreenivasan was raising charges to stay in the limelight.

Revathi took to Twitter and posted "Sad that celebrities whom we respect for their work speak this way. Don't Celebrities need to be more responsible when they speak? Don’t they need to think about how such statement reflect on the next generation?".

Sreenivasan’s controversial statement was made at an interview in a TV channel as part of promoting his upcoming film 'Kuttiamma’. Sreenivasan asserted that Dileep would not engage in such an activity and in a jocular manner added that he would never spend money.

What irked Revathi was also his charge against WCC, saying he was still unsure of what the organisation stood for and what it was doing. He pooh-poohed the demand of WCC that men and women had to be paid equally. WCC has been in the forefront of the demand for action against Dileep and also better status for women in the industry.