Thrissur Pooram: SC denies permission for chain palm crackers

Thrissur Pooram: SC denies permission for chain palm crackers

Agency News

THRISSUR: The Supreme Court on Monday rejected the plea filed by temple devaswoms asking permission for bursting chain palm crackers in the fireworks display of Thrissur Pooram.

The apex court said that granting permission for the types of crackers to be used was in the hands of Petroleum and Explosives Safety organization. The court had earlier granted permission for fireworks display for Thrissur sticking to the norms of the Explosives Act and had instructed PESO to grant permission as per the norms.

According to temple devaswoms, Deputy Controller of Explosives at Shivakashi granted permission for Gundu, Kuzhiminni and Amittu but denied permission for chain palm crackers. It is reported that bursting chain palm crackers lead to emission of toxic gas and environmental pollution.

Though the devaswoms approached the Chief Controller of Explosives at Nagpur, the decision didn't change and thus approached the apex court. Now, the devaswom is yet to come out with any official statement as they will discuss the matter with the concerned authorities and respond.

The major fireworks display will happen in the early morning on May 14 and sample fireworks will be on May 11. The chain palm crackers constitute the major portion of the fireworks as it helps to create a particular atmosphere with the continuous bursts.