Kerala nurse in Wayanad who received baby Rahul Gandhi in labour room waiting to meet him

Kerala nurse in Wayanad who received baby Rahul Gandhi in labour room waiting to meet him


Wayanad shot into electoral spotlight when Congress president Rahul Gandhi decided to make it his second seat after the traditional Amethi in the North.

But there is more for Rahul in Wayanad as it is also where 72-year-old Rajamma, a retired nurse who first received little Rahul Gandhi in her hands in the labour room. The link with the Gandhi family does not end there as Priyanka too was born in the same hospital and Rajamma and her friend and colleague from Kozhikode Mary were present then too.

The twist to the whole scene goes back to Holy Family Hospital where Rajamma was working as a nurse way back in the 70s. Her colleague and friend Mary from Kozhikode was present at the labour room when Priyanka was born. Rajamma clearly remembers the afternoon of June 19, 1970, when Rahul was born.

Rajamma has been longing to see Rahul who to her is just a 'grandson'. And the response was quick with Priyanka putting out a post on Facebook that Rahul too would be all the more happy to meet her. There is likelihood of an arrangement being made for the meeting of Rahul, probably Priyanka, with nurse Rajamma.

She says she was so happy when she heard that Rahul was contesting from her home district. But she is sad that she could not meet Rahul in person when he came down to Wayanad. She was abroad in Kuwait where her son works. But she was there on April 23 on the Election Day.

She recounts that moment of the birth of the Prime Minister's grandson, a “cute little baby”. His mother Sonia was under the treatment of renowned gynecologist Ghai there. She recounts that both Rajiv Gandhi and his brother Sanjay, clad in white kurta and pajama, were waiting outside the labour room in. Though they had the permission to come in they preferred to stay outside.

Grandmother and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was busy in Bihar and came to see the child only two days later. Rajamma married V Rajappan from Naykkatti in Wayanad when she was working at the Delhi hospital. Rajappan was a lab technician in the military hospital and she joined there later as a nurse. The couple returned to Naykkatti on her retirement in 1987.

The news of Rajamma's connection with the Gandhi family has made her a sort of hero in her village and she is now waiting to get a word from Rahul and she says she has a lot of things to tell him.