MES bans burqas on its campus in Kerala

MES bans burqas on its campus in Kerala


The Muslim Education Society (MES) has banned burqas in all its schools and colleges.

An MES circular brought out in Kozhikode on April 17 has taken umbrage under a court order that “any dress against the changing society should not be permitted”. This included not just burqa, but other kinds of dress which the court thought not proper.

The circular makes clear that any dress covering the face of a woman should be banned. Many organisations have come out against the circular, and saying it goes against religious tenets and sentiments of the community. MES should have consulted various organisations before taking such a decision, they added.

MES has over 150 educational institutions, including 10 professional colleges. Around, 80 per cent of those on rolls are women. There has been a debate within the society as a section of orthodox groups has been imposing its dress code in such institutions. Another has been arguing for a dress code suitable to conditions “in Kerala and not West Asia”.

Through the new circular, females would have to wear salwaar kameez. Incidentally, this comes when Shiv Sena triggered a massive row through an editorial in its mouthpiece ‘Saamna’ demanding a burqa ban in public places. It urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to follow Sri Lanka, which banned face veils after the deadly bomb blasts ripped through the country on Easter Sunday.