Bogus voting case booked against 3 women in Kasaragod

Bogus voting case booked against 3 women in Kasaragod


Criminal cases have been registered against three women on charges of bogus voting at Pilathara in Kasargod Lok Sabha constituency. The three - Padmini, KP Sumayya and grama panchayat member NP Saleena - were, on the basis of visuals, seen to have cast bogus vote. Chief Electoral Officer Teeka Ram Meena ordered that the three be booked for impersonation and for interference in the election process.

Pariyaram police booked case against the bogus voters. However, CPM claims that there was no issue of bogus vote as being misinterpreted and these were open votes. The election office stand was that the visuals made clear that it was a case of bogus voting. Padmini is seen casting vote twice in the same booth and Sumayya, who had a vote in booth No 24 of the same constituency, cast her vote in booth 19. Saleena, a panchayat member, has been asked to step down and face inquiry, which CPM says, was not under the CEO's jurisdiction.

On charges by the CPM that Muslim League voters were involved in bogus voting, the CEO has sought the report from the District Collector and has summoned them for interrogation today.