Amrita Hospital: Infant’s condition improves

Amrita Hospital: Infant’s condition improves


Heartening news has come in from Amrita Hospital, Kochi, that the tiny infant who was operated upon for congenital heart problems has improved. The baby’s cardiac function has normalized. It is understood that the functioning of the other organs is also improving. However, the baby will need further time of at least one week in the ICU for full recovery from intensive care.

The infant was rushed to Amrita Hospital, Kochi, from Mangalore by road in record time. Roads had been cleared and way given by the citizens of the state in a collective gesture of solidarity to enable the swift travel of the baby in a critical condition. The infant has undergone a seven hour surgery for multiple complaints including a hole in the heart.

The baby’s condition and travel have caught the imagination of the Kerala public at large as they wait for news that the operation has been successful and the baby saved. Owing to the complexity of the infant’s condition and his tender age, the success of the intervention will take some more time to be ascertained.