Chennithala seeks judicial probe in masala bond deal

Chennithala seeks judicial probe in masala bond deal

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Thrissur, Apr 12: Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala on Friday alleged that a Canadian company, with close links to SNC-Lavalin, had bought a major part of the masala bonds for Rs 2,150 crore issued by the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Finance Board(KIIFB) and sought a judicial inquiry into the deal.

''Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Finance Minister T M Thomas Isaac should explain how CDPQ, a company close to a blacklisted Canadian company like SNC-Lavalin, had bought the masala bonds issued by KIIFB,'' Mr Chennithala told a meet the press programme at Thrissur Press Club here.

He averred that the 'chowkidar' of the state government (Pinarayi Vijayan) had turned as a 'thief' through this masala bond deal.
He asked the government to disclose the name of companies that bought the masala bonds. ''All the documents related to the sale should be made public. Why is it that deals with SNC-Lavalin crop up every time a Left Democratic Front government comes to power in the state? How did CDPQ get a chance to buy a major share of the bonds?”

Recalling that Mr Vijayan was facing trial in the SNC-Lavalin case, Mr Chennithala asked whether the Chief Minister and the Finance Minister or the Chief Executive Officer of KIIFB had held discussions with CDPQ or SNC-Lavalin. Mr Chennithala wanted all correspondence relating to the masala bond deal should be shown to the opposition and said he had named his party leaders to examine them.

He asserted that the Indian National Congress alone could provide an alternative to the Narendra Modi government and for that, an alliance with any political party was possible after the polls. UNI