Sting video is a CPIM conspiracy: MK Raghavan

Sting video is a CPIM conspiracy: MK Raghavan


The sitting MP and Congress candidate of Kozhikode constituency, MK Raghavan said on Thursday that the sting video operation by a Hindi TV channel is a CPIM conspiracy.

He was replying to the bribe controversy kicked up by the Hindi TV channel, TV9 Bharata Varsha, in a sting operation which showed that Raghavan sought a bribe of Rs. 5 crore from the channel team for his election campaign. They approached him posing as a private party planning to build a five star hotel in Kozhikode.

“They hacked Congress workers, Sharath and Kripesh, to death. Now they are killing me without hacking,” he said. MK Raghavan, an experienced politician who is known for his honesty, broke down many times during the press conference. “I can’t suicide,” said a sobbing Raghavan.

Raghavan asserted that the video was fake and it was created to tarnish his image.

Meanwhile, CPIM said that the bribery scandal against Raghavan was a ploy of T. Siddique, another Congress leader. Earlier, opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala said that the sting operation by a private channel is part of a conspiracy by CPIM Kozhikode District committee. He also said that the Congress will initiate a legal battle against the TV channel.