Campaign in Movie poster style!

Campaign in Movie poster style!


Things are hotting up in Kerala with the elections fast approaching. Matters have come to a head with the announcement of Rahul Gandhi’s entry at Wayanad. Candidates and parties are resorting to all kinds of ways to woo the voter. Animated speeches and singing to the crowds have all been overtaken by movie posters. Yes, in movie crazy Kerala, politicians are resorting to a new technique- substituting politicians’ faces instead of the actors on the posters of popular movies. This of course draws attention and smiles to the faces of the common people.

Newly released Mohanlal starring Lucifer is having a dream run at the box office it is understood. To capitalize on that, Lucifer posters featuring Lok Sabha candidates have become a big fad. But the one that caught everyone’s attention was that of Congress candidate Adoor Prakash from Attingal on cycle a la Fahadh Faazil in the immensely popular movie, Njan Prakashan[I am Prakash] poster. The clever use of the nomenclature was a masterstroke.

In a similar fashion LDF candidate from Alapuzha AM Ariff was shown in the place of Mohanlal the protagonist of the movie, in a Lucifer like pose and this was released on social media. This was an innovative way to introduce the candidate. The poster on the Facebook page which was released on March 25 is believed to have garnered around 25 lakh views.