‘Amul baby’ still relevant for Rahul Gandhi: VS

‘Amul baby’ still relevant for Rahul Gandhi: VS

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Communist veteran and former Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan on Monday said the description he made on Rahul years back as an 'Amul baby' was still relevant.

VS’ calling Rahul as ‘Amul Baby’ in April 2011, turned instantly viral on media then. In his Facebook post on Tuesday, the 95-year-old Marxist, cautioned workers that should not allow Wayanad to be another Amethi or Rai Bareilli.

ഒളിച്ചോടി വന്ന അമൂൽ ബേബി വയനാടിനെ അമേഠിയോ റായ്ബറേലിയോ ആക്കാൻ അനുവദിച്ചുകൂടാ വളരണം വയനാട് ഉയരണം വയനാട് #VOTE_FOR_LDF #VOTE_FOR_PP

Posted by V. S. Achuthanandan on Monday, April 1, 2019

Earlier on Monday he said: "I did not call him like that without a reason. I did it because of the childishness that Rahul Gandhi showed in politics. And today, with Rahul Gandhi deciding to contest from Wayanad, that statement is still relevant.

"Today, when he (Gandhi) is reaching middle age, his childishness continues at a time when the country is facing the biggest problem of the menacing BJP. The need of the hour is to fight them.

"But instead of joining hands with secular forces, Gandhi, who is today the final word in the Congress, has not joined ranks with the AAP in Delhi and down south where the CPI (M) is taking on the BJP, he has decided to fight the Left and has taken the Wayanad Ghat road to contest," said Achuthanandan.

"In other words, it's like cutting the branch of the tree on which one is sitting. Hence I feel that what I said about him years back is still relevant."