Girl alleges sexual abuse at CPIM office near Palakkad, probe begins

Girl alleges sexual abuse at CPIM office near Palakkad, probe begins

Agency News

The CPIM, which succeeded in tiding over a case of sexual assault by one of its legislators in Palakkad district is now caught up with another case of similar abuse after a newborn was recently found abandoned at Nagarippuram in Mannur in the district. Police have begun the probe.

The girl, whose parents are party sympathisers, was said to have been allegedly sexually abused at the party office by a youth organisation member of Cherpulassery. The two were students of a private college and visited the party office often and the girl was said to be a student magazine editor in college.

The party leaders say they have little idea about how the girl, who, they claim, had no connection with the party, arrived there. The newborn was found abandoned at Nagarippuram on February 16. Police identified the baby's mother and the two were shifted to hospital.

The 20-year-old mother told police that she was sexually abused and came up with the complaint after people in the locality noticed an abandoned newborn baby. Police have begun the probe and the young mother has been charged with abandoning the baby. Sources close to the family claim that even her father came to know about the incident only after she gave birth. She had gone to college a few days before delivery too.

The CPIM has found itself in a difficult situation, finding it hard to explain things to the ordinary workers and see it as a conspiracy during election time.