One killed, 6 injured in wild elephants attack

One killed, 6 injured in wild elephants attack

Agency News

Kalpetta, Mar 12: One person was killed and six forest officials were injured in the wild elephants attack in Panamaram near here early on Tuesday.

The police have identified the deceased as K Raghavan of Kappunchal in Panamaram near here. Raghavan, who was on his way back home after milk distribution, was attacked by one among the wild elephants near his house.

The forest officials, who were trying to send the wild elephants back to forests, were injured while rescuing themselves after the elephants tried to attack them in retaliation.

It is learnt that the wild elephants came in search of drinking water and food, a fall-out of the heavy drought, have started thronging human habitats in Panamaram, Muthanga and other areas close to the forest belts in Wayanad.

It was recently that a wild elephant was trapped and netted by the forest officials in Muthanga. The people were on an agitation against the forest department alleging lethargy in capturing the tusker which were playing havoc in the area since for few days from mid-February.

Lack of enough food inside the forest and rising temperatures due to climate change likely forced the tuskers to move out of the forest, people said. However, more water bodies and ponds were dug inside the forest to avoid the wild animals throng human habitats, forest officials pointed out.

However, the fact remains that there has been instances of tuskers making to the human settlements in Wayanad. The forest officials have intensified its efforts to move wild elephant group back to forests. UNI