CPI (M)‘s attempt to correlate Periya & Chithara killings fails to make impact

CPI (M)‘s attempt to correlate Periya & Chithara killings fails to make impact

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Kasaragod, Mar 5: The conscientious attempt by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) leadership in creating a favourable political scenario by describing the killing of a CPI (M) worker Basheer in Chithara as a tit-for-tat crime by the Congress, in retaliation to the Periya double murder, has pathetically failed to make any impact.

In fact, the settling-of-score theory as displayed by the Marxist senior brass including its State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and M A Baby had boomeranged in favour of the Congress, who were at a sentimental advantage over the brutal killing of the two youth congress workers in Periya in Kasaragod allegedly by CPI (M) cadres.

While both the Congress party as well as the families of the two victims alleged the involvement and conspiracy by Marxist leadership in the double murder, the brother and niece of the only accused in the case, Shajahan, said there was no political motive in the killing of Basheer, a CPI (M) worker at Chithara near Kollam, a couple of days ago.

According to police, Basheer, a tapioca vendor, was stabbed to death by Shajahan over personal vendetta that aggravated over the victim's refusal to give tapioca the other day. The fact that there was no political tag in the killing of Basheer by a known trouble-maker in the locality, Shajahan, had made the contention of the CPI (M) State Secretary flimsy.

But the criminal background of Shajahan, the Chithara murder accused, who according to his own direct brother, Suleiman, is a pro-Marxist person. Sulaiman went a step further by stating that all in their family are pro-CPI (M).

That apart, the admission by the accused himself before the police that his action was purely out of personal vendetta has been a blow to the Marxist leadership, who had miserably failed to somehow connect Periya and Chithara killings and wipe off the blood stains on the party with respect to the Periya double murder.

The conspicuous move by the Marxist leadership in framing Chithara as a retalitaory measure by Congress has politically boomeranged in favour of Congress as the planted strategy failed to gather any dust. The Congress on the other hand had indirectly though, gained some political mileage, by defusing the plot by default.

On the other hand, foul play and cover-up attempt has been reitrated in the investigation of Periya murder case. The change of senior officers of the Crime Branch recently from the investigation had attracted criticism by Congress. The families of murder victims are about to move the High Court pleading an order for a CBI probe into the murder.UNI