Cong MLA Balram justifies spar with writer KR Meera, bids to silence party bigwigs

Cong MLA Balram justifies spar with writer KR Meera, bids to silence party bigwigs


Congress legislator VT Balram has justified his remarks against writer KR Meera over the recent Kasaragod twin murder of two Youth Congress activists.

The justification is seen as a reply to KPCC president Mulappally Ramachandran who had publicly lambasted Balram for his post that had vulgar undertones. The spat through Facebook posts between Balram and Meera had resulted in a spate of abusive comments. Several Congress leaders had come out against Balaram, who earlier invited wrath over his comments against CPIM leader the late AK Gopalan.

In his latest missive targeted at the party bigwigs who have been highly critical of his anti-Meera comments, the legislator in his Facebook post says he had posted the comments in his individual capacity. He was as a people's representative, a social activist and also a Congress leader and owed people a responsibility.

It all began with the Kasaragod twin murder when Balram had a dig at activists and writers who condemned several murders but were silent on the Kasaragod one. He also sought to know whether Meera had said anything about the Kasaragod murders.

He was unaware of Meera's rather longish post that day about political murders and how as a journalist earlier she also had to cover them. She listed a whole lot of political killings, including the recent one, and the grief of the families who lost their dear ones. Balram responded by editing his original Facebook post to acknowledge that she had 'finally’ spoken. But in a dig at her, he went on to add that it was a long 'sermon’ though it was tough to stand her sarcastic comments.

Meera was quick to respond, again a long one, where she said that 'literary heroines’, borrowing Balram's term, would have to decide whether they should remain silent or speak up against those who insulted them. She ended it with the comment – “Po mone Bala rama”.

Balram appeared to have taken offence to the comment and also being called mone (child) which was repeated through 'bala’ again meaning child. His response had a profane tone when he posted that any one responding to the comments needed to be careful in not making even the slightest change if he decided to say “po mole Meere”. He also had a word of caution to say they should be doubly careful while typing her name. What he referred to was a slight change in a few letters would turn it to be sacrilegious.

The spat of posts invited comments galore, most often very abusive. Meera continued her tirade and challenged Balram to undertake a fast if he was so sincere.

The legislator's posts had invited wrath from several quarters and Mullappally had to publicly denounce them. But from the latest, it appears Balram has little regrets and is also seen as a reply to his party leader.