Women’s panel books MLA Rajendran for ‘brainless’ comment against sub-collector

Women’s panel books MLA Rajendran for ‘brainless’ comment against sub-collector

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CPM legislator S Rajendran who verbally abused Devikulam sub-collector Renu Raj and is facing a party probe, has landed in further soup after Kerala Women's Commission registered a suo moto case against the MLA.

Revenue Minister E Chandrashekharan has come out in support of the bureaucrat who was verbally abused by Rajendran who also tried to block the revenue officers who arrived to stop the illegal construction in Munnar recently.

He let the illegal construction go on and publicly said the sub collector was a ‘stupid’ woman who tried to do things just because she had an IAS rank. When video of his remarks went viral, he tried to justify himself, but later apologised when he realised the consequences.

Minister Chandrashekharan said Renu acted as per law and she would have all support from the Government. Separately, Renu handed over her report to the Accountant General which would be submitted in the court in connection with land encroachment.

In Munnar panchayat, the illegal construction continued despite a stop memo issued to it. She has raised the matter regarding the insulting comments by Rajendran in her report to the Revenue Secretary.