AI marks 70 years of flights
AI marks 70 years of flights

AI passengers bleed from nose; Muscat-bound flight makes emergency landing at Karippur


A Muscat-bound Air India flight from Kozhikkde on Sunday made an emergency landing after few hours of takeoff from the Karippur airport, following the pressure difference experienced inside the flight.

Passengers sparked mid-air panic after four of them suffered bleeding from the nose due to lower pressure inside the flght after takeoff. Some other passengers suffered ear pain. All affected were treated at the airport hospital.

Flight IX 350 met with the issue soon after takeoff and without much delay the pilot managed to return and make an emergency landing at the Karippur airport. Soon, technicians resolved the issue.

The Boeing 787A flight was carrying 185 passengers. Later on, Air India Express informed that the flight had a pressurisation problem, but passengers and crew were safe.