E Sreedharan plea in HC says Kerala flood was man-made

E Sreedharan plea in HC says Kerala flood was man-made


The August flood, the worst in the last 100 years, was a man-made disaster, according to Metro Man E Sreedharan. He moved Kerala High Court as president of Delhi-based Foundation for Restoration of National Values that he had approached the government saying there was need for a comprehensive technical study of the reasons for the flood.

Despite taking up the matter with the Chief Minister and the Kerala Planning Board vice-chairman, no action had been taken even after three months.

Action had to be taken against those who failed to act and should be held responsible for the disaster. Sreedharan has demanded a directive for constituting a technical committee to find the causes for the flood. This should help in preventing future disasters as the Government was duty-bound to ensure safety of its people.

He said, the dam authorities had scant regard for red alerts and timely opening of dams. The lack of proper scientific studies on type issue added to the gravity of the situation. Also, lack of coordination among agencies and a centralised agency to oversee this added to the problems.

Besides, unauthorised structures encroaching river banks led to overflow in Aluva, he added.