PM Modi
PM Modi

Modi blasts Left over Sabarimala, says Cong injustice to Nambi Narayanan corrected through Padma


Thrissur, Jan 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out against the communists and accused them of disrespecting all aspects of the culture and traditions of Kerala which was shown in the way the Sabarimala issue was handled.

At the Bharatiya Yuva Morcha state conference in Thrissur today, he did not spare the Congress and said it foisted false charges against scientist Nambi Narayanan for its narrow political gains and the BJP Government at the Centre reversed this injustice by conferring him with the Padma award.

Sabarimala attracted national attention and the whole country was watching how communists disrespected Kerala's past and culture. Even the Congress-led UDF had double standards in this matter and people would certainly see through this game, he added.

He used the Padma award for Nambi Narayanan to launch an attack on Congress. A ‘patriot scientist’ Nambi Narayanan was trapped in a false case by Congress for political gains of a section of its leaders. This injustice was undone by the Union Government which conferring him with the Padma award. For Congress, science was the mode for corruption, he added.

Modi lashed out at the Opposition, especially the communists, on their claims of gender justice which was exemplified when it came to selecting Chief Ministers.

He said the Opposition was bankrupt when it comes to ideas about development. Their only agenda was proclaiming to be ‘anti-Modi’. “Abuse me as much as you want, but don't mislead the farmers, the youth, the poor, don't abuse the nation,” Modi said.

The Opposition had 'zero regard’ for any public institution in the country, be it armed forces or the CBI or the police. Congress and other Opposition parties should stop this and learn to respect such institutions.

Modi went all-out against Congress as its speaking about democracy was the ‘biggest joke’. Congress neck deep in corruption and the solar scam in Kerala was one classic case of this.

On an earlier comment against him of only being a chowkidar (watchman), Modi said he had no issue over this and asserted that as Prime Minister, he would be a chowkidar and stand guard against corruption in the country, he added.

He said his Government had over the last four and a half years, done all to make the country the fastest growing country and this would continue.