Senkumar blasts awarding Padmabhushan to Nambi Narayanan, claims no contribution made

Senkumar blasts awarding Padmabhushan to Nambi Narayanan, claims no contribution made


The Padmabhushan being conferred on ISRO ex-chief Nambi Narayanan, who was falsely implicated in the espionage case has left BJP newfound supporter and state former police chief TP Senkumar unhappy. The former top cop did not hide his irritation asking what Nambi Narayanan's contribution was to get such an honour.

Worse, he was no different from criminals like Govindachami, accused of pushing down a young girl to death and raping her, or terrorist Ameerul Islam or co-accused in the ISRO espionage case Mariam Rasheeda. Incidentally, Senkumar was part of the team probing the case had levelled charges against Nambi Narayanan.

The scientist retorted saying none took Senkumar’s statements seriously.

Senkumar had said the case against Nambi Narayanan was still pending in the Supreme Court and so it was not right to confer him with the award. But Nambi Narayanan said the Supreme Court had appointed a committee to look into how charges were falsely levelled and Senkumar feared action on that count.

Senkumar harped on Nambi Narayanan not making any worthwhile contribution to society and those who recommended his name were answerable.

“Nambi Narayanan has raised many false allegations about me. I am not going to lodge any complaint, but revealing the facts. Instead of Narayanan, the fishermen who had undertaken the rescue mission during the floods should have been awarded," Senkumar stated.

Senkumar, who is said to be a frontrunner for a BJP ticket in the coming elections, added that he did not know whether the award was a move towards hoisting Nambi Narayanan as a BJP candidate.