M M Mani
M M Mani

Many women have visited Sabarimala, more to come: Minister Mani


Electricity Minister MM Mani, known more for his harangues, has claimed that it is not just three or four young women who entered Sabarimala after the September 28 verdict, but several and many more would make it.

At a public function in Kottarakkara, he claimed the CPM was “strong enough to take 50,000 women to Sabarimala”. Though none would dare block them, it was not the party agenda, he added.

in a dig at the tantri family, he said it was the tantri (chief priest) was “not appointed directly by Lord Ayyappa”. On the issue of the deity being celibate, he said the tantri led a normal family life and had a wife and children.

He said the Supreme Court verdict was not applicable to the Government alone but also to the tantri. He was liable to punishment for violating the verdict.

He did not spare Hindu Aikya Vedi leader KP Sasikala who had proclaimed that she would commit suicide if women entered the shrine. “She is not found anywhere these days,” Mani added.

He saw the protests at Sabarimala were part of an upper caste agenda and Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala and NSS leader Sukumaran Nair were working towards this end, Mani said.