SBI bank attack 
SBI bank attack 

SBI bank attack: Labour organisation behind CCTV visuals released

Agency News

Thiruvananthapuram: The CCTV visuals got from the branch of SBI has confirmed that the leaders behind the attack belong to a labour organization.

It is alleged that a group of strikers walked into the SBI branch at Statue in Capital city and damaged the properties of the bank like computer, phone and tables. The CCTV visuals revealed that NGO Union State committee member and GST department Karamana Commissioner Office inspector Suresh Babu and GST deputy commissioner office inspector Suresh were among the group that walked into the bank.

The Samyuktha Samara Samithy has also condemned the strike. It was today morning at around 10:30 that a bunch of miscreants barged into the bank, hurled abuses at bank employees and damaged computer, table and phones inside the office, demanding them to strike work.