New Fisheries Policy: Minimum Support Price For Fish

New Fisheries Policy: Minimum Support Price For Fish


Thiruvananthapuram : In order to save traditional fisher folk from exploitation by middlemen, the state Government is planning to introduce minimum support price for commercially sold edible fish.

The minimum support price of fish in each fish market will be decided by the fishermen’s collective of that area. Till now, the price of fish in the markets is decided by the middlemen. This practice causes huge exploitation and injustice towards the poor fishermen. The new fisheries policy approved by the state cabinet suggests that the price of fish can be fixed in accordance with the variety and availability of fish item ,the distance between fish landing centres and the fish markets etc.

In addition to the minimum support price, the fisheries policy proposes a number of reforms which primarily aims at the safety of the fishermen who venture in to the deep sea. Full coverage insurance scheme for fishermen’s life, fishing vessel and fishing tools is also proposed in the new policy. The catching of fish seedlings will not be allowed. The policy envisions a standardisation in fishing vessel manufacturing also. For this purpose, design of the fishing vessel should be pre-approved by the fisheries department. Fishing vessels can not be made according to the whims and fancies of the boat owner and the manufacturer. Safety should be the prime consideration in vessel making. Navigation equipments, sea safety kits, telecommunication instruments etc will be mandatory for all fishing vessels.

Fishing boats without a trained engine driver and the captain (srank) will not be allowed to venture in to the sea. Compulsory hologram registration for fishing vessels and boat building yards, minimum support price will be determined in accordance with the variety and availability of fish, fish landing centres, fishing harbours.