Kerala HC
Kerala HC

Kerala HC makes one-week notice mandatory for hartal


Flash hartals are now impossible in the State with Kerala High Court ruling that a call will have to be made at least a week in advance.

Hartals are serious matters that need to be considered and the State Government should explain its stand on the measures being taken, the court observed on Monday. It felt that 97 hartals in the State last year alone was disturbing, the court said when considering petitions moved by industrialist Biju Ramesh and and activist George Vattukalam.

The Bench headed by the Chief Justice said organisations which gave the hartal call would be responsible for the losses caused and liable to pay for that.

Despite several orders by it and the Supreme Court regarding hartals which put people to great difficulties, nothing concrete had been done against it so far.

The court sought the Government stand on the matter as a two-day national strike was to start tonight.

The general public was against such Hartals and trade had voiced it's concern in the wake of huge losses to them and the state exchequer.

The Government said a comprehensive programme was being readied to face the situation and provide security to trade and people during such times.

Incidentally the spate of hartals, five of them statewide, as part of the Sabarimala agitation was given immediately and in one instance it was made in the wee hours of the day, putting public to great hardship.