HC judges recuse from hearing Piravam church case

HC judges recuse from hearing Piravam church case


The judges in the Division Bench of Kerala High Court today recused themselves from hearing the Piravam church case.

Justices P R Ramachandra Menon and Devan Ramachandran recused from hearing the petition over the dispute between Jacobite and Orthodox factions.

This was after an application was moved seeking the recusal of Justice Devan as he had appeared as counsel for one of the parties involved in the case earlier in the High Court in 2015. There was an apprehension of ‘subconscious bias’.

The judges decided to recuse. Surprisingly, when the judges had raised the matter earlier, both the warring factions had no objection then.

The State Government had earlier come under sharp criticism for failing to implement the Supreme Court verdict of 2017 that ruled handing over the Piravam church to the Orthodox faction which had moved the High Court for getting possession of the church.

Police attempted to enter Piravam church to implement the verdict, but the Jacobite faction refused to hand over the church and put up stiff resistance. This made the police withdraw from the scene.