Jassie Gift’s ‘nillu nillu challenge’ plays havoc ; 8 injured in a clash

Jassie Gift’s ‘nillu nillu challenge’ plays havoc ; 8 injured in a clash


Jassie Gift, The creator of ''Lajjavatiye' song, a film song which created a wave in Kerala few years back, has come out with another peppy song, which compels youth in Kerala to jump in front of a running vehicle and dance according to the tune as a challenge. This challenge, known in the name of the song as ‘Nillu Nillu challenge’ is creating social unrest in Tirur, Malappuram.

Nillu Nillu challenge, which was created and popularized by an app ‘Tik Tok’, has created a wave in Tirur, Malappuram. Like Facebook and Whatsapp, the video broadcasting app Tik Tok is becoming popular among children and young people. A post in ‘Tik Tok’ introduced the Nillu Nillu challenge. Though the post warns don't invite accidents, this challenge is creating traffic blocks in towns.

As many young groups in the town increasingly took up this challenge, traffic snarls have been created and it led to the clashes between old generation and youth.

On Monday, a clash between oldies and youngsters turned into serious which resulted in the hospitalization of eight people including a woman. As usual, a group of youngsters jumped in front of a vehicle and started dancing according to the song. Irked by this act, many old locals opposed. All of a sudden, a group of youngsters, mostly students,  came to the spot where a verbal dual was progressing and attacked the elderly people using stumps, bats and sticks. A woman identified as Sujatha, who was working in a nearby shop in Tirur, sustained head injuries. After the clashes, the students fled from the spot.

As the ‘Nillu Nillu’ challenge created traffic snarls and clashes and accidents, Kerala police have recently come out with a waring. The warning given by Kerala police is as follows: "If at first they stopped the two-wheelers, later it became private vehicles and four wheelers. They are even jumping in front of fast-running buses. The new generation tends to imitate anything dangerous to get noticed on social media. They do not think of a situation when the vehicle could not apply brakes suddenly or the danger if the vehicle suddenly swerves or the mental state of the driver. You can never justify such jokes that could end up in big disasters