Balabhaskar was at wheel during the time of accident: Police

Balabhaskar was at wheel during the time of accident: Police


Rejecting the confusions over who drove the car during the fatal accident, the Kerala Police on Sunday categorically said they had ample evidence that violinist Balabhaskar was at the wheel when he along with his family met with a cruel car accident.

With this, the contradiction between Balabhaskar’s wife Lakshmi and their driver over who drove the car has finally ended. Earlier in a statement, Lakshmi said the car was driven by their driver Arjun during the moment of accident while Arjun stated that the car was driven by Balabhaskar himself when the accident took place.

Rejecting the controversy, P. Anil Kumar, DySP, Attingal, made the revelation based on the interrogation of those who reached at the accident site soon after the accident. Kumar said the witnesses stated that they saw Balabhaskar at the wheel.

A passing motorist from Kollam was amongst the first to come to the rescue of the passengers. The driver of a KSRTC bus from Ponnani depot was also there to help him. An 18-year-old student who lived nearby also joined with rescue operations. The police located them with the help of the mobile phone numbers provided by a local journalist. Apart from these five, other persons who were also at the accident site gave their statements to the police.

The accident in which Balabhaskar along with his only child were killed, happened at Pallippuram in the early hours of September 25.

The accident occurred when the car rammed a hardwood roadside tree on the right side of the road. The family was driving non-stop from Thrissur. They had halted briefly at Kollam from where Balabhaskar took the wheel from Arjun. At the time of the accident, the vehicle was travelling well over the legal speed limit.

The first of the rescuers broke the windscreen of the van to extricate the occupants. Soon, emergency services arrived and transported the injured persons to the hospital.

Recently, Balabhaskar’s father C.K. Unnikrishnan, 75, had moved State Police Chief Loknath Behera stating that he suspected foul play in the accident. Balabhaskar’s investment in an ayurvedic resort also came under the scanner after this. The police said they would report their findings to higher authorities and the court after tying up loose ends if any.